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Coffee Inspired Recipes

  • Iced Mandarin Orange Cafe Mocha: Delicious Iced Coffee Recipe to Quench Your Summer Thirst

      Ingredients:  2 cups milk 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 heaping cup of granulated sugar 1 heaping tablespoon Instant Coffee Granules 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 3 clementine mandarin oranges 1 pinch ground cloves (optional) 1/4 cup half and half (or cream if you prefer) Directions: In a small pan add the milk, cocoa powder, sugar, instant coffee granules, cinnamon, and the nutmeg. If you like the taste of cloves, an option is to add just a super small pinch of ground cloves. Then, add the juice from 3 clementine oranges. Heat the mixture on medium heat

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    The original recipe for coffee granita comes from Sicily, but this fresh and tasty dessert can be found throughout Italy. It’s made of a sweet syrup combined with Italian espresso. The mix is kept in the freezer and it then served as a dessert in small glass cups, with a topping of fresh whipped cream. You can make a coffee granita at home following our simple recipe. You have surely heard of granita, the Italian dessert consisting of sugar, ice and flavorings. The original recipe comes from the town of Messina, in the region of Sicily – that’s why it

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  • Blackberry Beetroot Soup with Parsnip Ice Cream: COFFEE RECIPE TO TRY

    Say, what, now? This is for the truly adventurous amongst us. Just in case you’re wondering, it is a dessert, not a weird Heston Blumenthal-style recipe where you don’t know what the heck you’re eating! The best thing about this recipe (beside the unique flavors) is that you can make it the day before. So when you’re ready to eat it you can pop it out of the fridge and into your mouth. Where’s the coffee? It’s in the ice cream! Brilliant!! Is it a sweet, or is it savory? You will be surprised how well the flavors of beetroot and

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