10 randomly romantic Valentine's Day ideas.

In case you haven’t been picking up on the subtle hint your sig-o has been sending you, sharing a lovey-dovey post on social media or sweetly whispering in your ears, here’s the message loud and clear: Valentine’s Day is here! 

1. Grab your sig-o spontaneously and kiss like you mean it.
2. Share the morning paper and some SingleJo Coffee over the weekend.
3. Watch the sun set or rise together from your backyard or nearby park.
4. Go hiking together.
5.Buy him/her something quirky that shows how well you know him/her.
Take a horse-drawn carriage ride.
7. Explore your adventurous sides together — do something daring that neither of you have tried before, such as bungee jumping or sky diving. The experience will bring you closer.
8. Leave a little note in his/her briefcase or laptop bag so they will find it when they get to work.
9: Take a drive together — car trips provide some of the best time for talking one-on-one.
10. When your sig-o gets home, hand him/her a cup of coffee, sit down together and talk about your days.

The biggest thing to remember about this holiday is to just make it special for your sig-o and for your love.


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