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Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning without anywhere in particular that you need to be? You probably can’t wait to leisurely lie in bed for a while instead of rushing to make lunches and get to school. Aren’t you looking forward to being able to take time to read the news and sip your SingleJo, or enjoy a long, hot, relaxing shower? This is a mom’s dream! Unfortunately, the realization sets in pretty quickly that kids don’t see things in quite the same way. That hope for relaxation can often turn into chaos fairly quickly during the summer months.

If you’re anything like we are, you want to have a plan to survive those long, hot summer days. Has anyone else noticed that the first two weeks of summer are amazing, until they give way to those lazy afternoons and whiney cries of boredom from the kids? Going into summer without a plan of attack can lead to pent up frustration that no amount of coffee is going to fix, so we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you survive those summer months.

Enter SingleJo's Summer Survival for Mom

Don’t Abandon Routine
While it’s tempting to just throw all routine out the window, don’t do it! Getting back into the swing of things in fall is hard enough without abandoning routine for two months, not to mention the stress that comes with having a messy house. Keep up with weekly chores by assigning jobs to your family members each day to stay on top of it all.

Register for Camps
Summer camps are a great way to create childhood memories and learn invaluable skills. Now is the time to research and register for summer camp opportunities.

Avoid Screen Time
Once in a while we all need to cool down and take a break from the hustle and bustle, but no one wants to waste the summer behind a screen. Make family rules about screen time right off the bat to avoid a fight about the issue later.

Plan Ahead
Family Meeting Time! Ask for input from each of your children for some ideas that they would like to try over summer. Try to encourage a mixture of inexpensive (or free) outings such as parks, and really big trips like a museum or theme park. Work together to create a fun calendar or list that you can interactively cross things off of as they get done.

Summer is a time for fun, but that doesn’t mean the learning should stop. Come up with some ideas of how you can serve your community as a family to learn some valuable lessons that they won’t learn in school.

Stay Stocked Up on Coffee!
While this may be just us stoking the opportunity to put in an order - don't underestimate the power of bringing clarity to start the day after all "Don't Abandon Routine" 


Most importantly, Summer is all about creating incredible memories with one another; don't let it slip away without making time for some wonderful experiences your family will remember forever. No matter where adventure takes you this summer, let it be together!

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awesome ideas…some in progress…some can be incorporated…KIDS rock…summer rocks!

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