25 Things You Can Do With Leftover Coffee

25 Things You Can Do With Leftover Coffee

How much coffee have you wasted over the course of your lifetime? I’m sure you have poured almost as much as I have right down the drain. However, there are many other uses for that leftover coffee so you don’t have to waste it. These uses go far behind the obvious and for some could even extend in the strange. But the point is, there are many uses for coffee other than the tool that wakes you up every morning.

Coffee can easily be used for various cooking recipes or other types of drinks, as a cleaner or even home repair tool and some even use it as a personal care product. Let’s take a look at 25 different ways you can use your leftover coffee so you never waste another drop to the drain.


Cooking with Leftover Brewed Coffee

The most obvious uses for coffee come right from your kitchen. When it comes to cooking or preparing other culinary delights, there are actually many uses for that left over brewed coffee. While this is by no means a complete list, I hope this gives you enough ideas to help get you started and inspire to you try new and unique ways to use your leftover coffee.

Mocha Chocolate Pudding

You can easily spice up that boring chocolate pudding mix by adding a little coffee to the mix. Just choose your favorite pudding mix and pour in the coffee. Try experimenting by trying different flavors.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Grab an ice tray and pour that old coffee into it and freeze it. Coffee ice cubes not only make a great frozen treat on their own, but they are great to use when making iced coffee as they won’t dilute the coffee as they melt.

Hot Cocoa Kick

Instead of mixing your next hot cup of cocoa with water or even milk, try replacing some or even all of it with leftover coffee instead. This will turn any plain old cup of cocoa into a mocha delight you can enjoy in your home.

Iced Coffee

While this one seems obvious, many people overlook this possibility. Grab a pitcher and begin storing your leftover coffee in the refrigerator. Drop in a little ice or even a coffee ice cube or two, add a little milk and you have a rich iced coffee almost instantly.

Coffee Frosting

Most people use milk to thin their frosting. Instead, replace the milk with your leftover coffee. This gives it a truly unique flavor and will even darken it a little if you are looking to adjust the color.

Coffee Brownies

One of my personal favorites, replace some of the milk you use in the brownie recipe with coffee instead. This will create some of the best tasting mocha brownies you have ever tried.

Coffee Ice Cream

If you have an ice cream maker, you could try adding a little coffee to the mix to create a truly wonder coffee flavored ice cream. Even if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you could try mixing it with store-bought ice cream instead although your results may vary.


Who out there doesn’t love to grill? I know I do. Coffee makes a delicious beef marinade. Try mixing coffee with soy sauce and chili powder to create one of the most unique beef marinades you have ever tasted.

Adult Beverage

Coffee makes a great companion with Irish Crème or Kahlua. Just mix the two together with powdered hot chocolate and a little whipped cream and you have one tasty beverage perfect for adults.


There are tons of recipes for tiramisu available and all of them use coffee. If you want to try and create this delicious Italian dessert at home, just start saving some of your leftover brewed coffee.

Spice Up Your Oatmeal

Instead of using water or milk to thin your oatmeal, instead add a little leftover coffee to the mix. You can exchange all or part for the coffee depending on the taste you are looking for. If you really want to kick your oatmeal up a notch, try adding a little cinnamon into the mix along with the coffee.

Chili Seasoning

Who doesn’t love chili during the cold winter months? The next time you make a batch, try adding a little bit of leftover coffee to the mix. Just this one little addition can add a nice depth of flavor to the standard bowl of chili.

Home and Garden

Yes, believe it or not, coffee has so many uses beyond the kitchen that they are really too numerous to count. From repairing scratches to feeding plants, you really won’t ever have to throw away another leftover pot of coffee again after reading this list.

Water Your Plants

Some plants crave more acid. While others don’t. If you have plants that need acid rich soil to flourish all you need to do is pour your leftover coffee into the soil of the plants to give them what they need. A little goes a long way, however, so be careful you don’t pour too much onto your soil.

Dye Fabric

People who love to make their own clothes will love this one. Using coffee as a simple fabric dye can transform your white fabric into a unique and antique looking piece of fabric that you will love to use to create some great looking clothes.

Create Antique Paper

Much like fabric dye, you can also use leftover coffee to stain white paper transforming it into what appears to be old and antique paper that has been worn over the years. It’s perfect for creating unique modern day art creations such as invitations that have a look that will impress all your would be guests.

Remove Scratches

Does your furniture or wood floors have scratches on them from years of use? Before you throw out those pieces of furniture or replace that floor, instead why not use your leftover coffee to hide those scratches from view. The coffee will dye the wood of your floor or furniture so instead of a light colored scratch you will have a darker color finish that hides it. You may have to reapply more than once to reach the color level you are looking for, however.

Stain Wood

Instead of heading to the hardware store to pick up wood stain, just collect your leftover coffee for a few days instead. Just like scratches on your wood furniture and floor, the dark colored coffee will stain almost any type of wood to much darker and richer finish. For darker stains, you may have to add more than one coat of coffee. Try just collected your coffee each day and using it for a stain. Continue the process until you reach the desired color you want.

Clean Your Grill

If your grill is caked with grease from session after session of outdoor barbecuing, it can be tough to get clean. The acid in coffee will easily cut through that grease so you can easily wipe it clean. This works best if you have a lot of leftover coffee, as you need to soak the grate in order to break down the grease.

Wash Your Dishes

This one isn’t technically for your leftover brewed coffee, but for the grounds. Coffee grounds are abrasive meaning they will easily clean your dishes. The acid in brewed coffee could help too, but for best results try using your old coffee grounds instead. Afterwards, you may want to give them a quick wash with a dish soap unless you want all your dishes smelling like coffee, and, of course, be sure you rinse them thoroughly.


For those of you that are into composting, you can always add your old coffee and even your coffee grounds to your compost pile. Try to aim for one part grass, one part leaves and one part coffee when making your compost. Used coffee is high in nitrogen which is loved by worms making it the perfect addition to any compost pile. Just remember you need to allow adequate time for the coffee to break down before you try to use it as homemade fertilizer.

Personal Care

Not only can you cook and clean with it, but you can also use coffee as a part of your personal care regime. Who would have ever thought that coffee could make an effective personal care product? Well now you do, and now you can begin to incorporate it into your regime and maybe even eliminate some of the expensive chemicals you currently use on your body.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Technically this is yet another use for coffee grounds and not for your old coffee, but I wanted to include it anyway as you normally throw out old coffee all the time. Coffee grounds are abrasive meaning they are perfect for cleaning out dirt and oil in your skin. If you mix it with a little olive oil and massage it into your skin, the coffee acts as an exfoliate while the olive oil moisturizes your skin.

Coffee Enema

I have to admit, I have never tried this one myself. No outflow problems here I have to say. However, many people believe that shooting coffee straight into your rectum instead of drinking it first can have tremendous health benefits. Many people find that it helps with constipation, fatigue and even some liver detoxification concerns. Coffee enemas are also frequently used as part of alternative treatments for more serious diseases such as cancer.

Who would have thought there were so many uses for that old coffee left in the pot every morning. So, next time you brew a pot of coffee, don’t just pour the leftovers down the drain. Instead try one of our suggestions or experiment and find a use on your own for that coffee so you can use it all instead of giving it to your kitchen’s drain.

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