Cooking with Coffee is Easy

Cooking with Coffee is Easy

We love cooking with coffee at SingeJo! It not only adds oomph to your meal but offers a little extra energy. Cooking with coffee isn’t relegated only to dessert! We wanted to show you how easy it is to add coffee to the meals you’re already cooking. so, if you usually save your left over coffee grounds in the refrigerator to make iced coffee, you can use it for a nice hot meal with a little extra kick.

Adding coffee to meat dishes

Coffee is a natural meat tenderizer. Add flavour to your roast by using coffee in your marinade. You can also add it to braising liquids for beef short ribs. As the liquid cooks down, the coffee caramelizes, adding a delicious bittersweet dimension to you meal. Coffee in barbecue sauce for grilled chicken adds some snap to the flavour.

ribs coffee spice rub

Using coffee in Spice Rubs

You can create a spice rub that will knock your family or friends socks off. Save and mix your left over ground coffee with salt, and paprika. Use it to make spice-crusted pork or give burgers the steak treatment and rub them in coffee grounds and spices before grilling.

You can combine coffee with cocoa for a spicy mocha flavoured rack of lamb. Instant espresso powder added to braised brisket creates a perky crispy, caramelized crust.

Coffee in your slow cooker

Adding coffee to our slow cooker recipes could make your usual dish pop. Wake up your lunch hour with barbequed pork for sandwiches cooked in your slow Cooker. Add some boneless pork roast, strong coffee, beef broth, and a shot of whiskey in your rock pot for a few hours an the aroma will perk you up before you take your first bite. Coffee added to chilli, slow cooker or on the stove, can add a whole new dimension to your meal.  

Minced beef with vegetables dish coffee slow cooker recipe

Eat your coffee at breakfast

You already drink coffee in the morning, so why not eat it? Stir coffee into into a deep, rich sauce like hollandaise or velouté for fried eggs. Combine your favourite flavoured coffee with butter for the pancake topper. If you’re having ham and eggs, try making some classic Southern red-eye gravy with coffee grounds.

There's lots more than just delicious coffee desserts to wake up your taste buds! We've got a few more coffee cooking recipes for you to check out.

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