Why Compostable Coffee Pods are a Better Choice

Why Compostable Coffee Pods are a Better Choice

You're faced with choices when trying to decide the best coffee pod options. If you’re seeking to understand the differences between the eco-friendly pods available this should help.

There are Biodegradable and Recyclable Coffee Pods. We’re fans of Compostable Pods, and you’ll discover why.

What about Biodegradable?

Products that say "biodegradable" normally can't earn 100% compostable certification. Governments are cracking down on biodegradable marketing claims to protect consumers and the environment.
  • They normally go in the garbage
  • They may take many years to break down fully
  • They may release too many chemicals with toxic impacts on plants and soil

various kinds of coffee pods

    What about Recyclable?

    Recyclable pods for coffee, tea and other hot beverages are not the way forward on single serve. Most users have to take at least three steps to separate the hot coffee grounds, the filter, the lids and the plastic in every pod, every time.

    Unfortunately, in spite of the effort, most recycling facilities often send small items like single serve pods to landfills. These pods may have a mix of substances that make them impossible to recycle.

    What about Compostable?

    Food And Other Organic Waste Make Up An Estimated 40% - 50% Of All Household Waste. Many local governments and waste management services now have organic waste programs that collect from our curbsides or at local depots. They take the food and other waste that used to go to landfills and turn it into compost that enriches our soil.

    With much less going into landfills, local governments can avoid the cost and community environmental impacts of creating new landfill sites. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced from the amount released if organic waste decomposes in landfills and the gases escape into the air.

    PurPod100 - Compostable K-Cup Compatible Pods and how they work
    The organic waste is converted to create products such as fertilizer, compost and other soil amendment products that improve the access of plants to water and air in the soil to improve their growth. Some organic waste processing facilities are designed to capture gases such as methane for use as fuel.

    Quick facts:

    • Compostable pods can break down in as little as 5 weeks in well-managed municipal composting processes – like most food waste
    • Soil quality and plant health impacts that meet or exceed certification standards

    At SingleJoCoffee we are all over Less Waste, More Taste™, offering a selection of brews from some of the best roasters from around the globe, all packaged in an eco-friendlier solution.  Our roasters bring you personalized one-cup blends in an easy-flow filter design, allowing you to enjoy more coffee aroma and richer flavour every time you brew!

    Check out our selection of 100% Compostable Coffee Pods here and feel confident you’ve made the right choice for your world, and your taste buds.

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