About SingleJo

SingleJoCoffee.com brings you the best online shopping experience to order single serve, K-Cup™ compatible coffee.  Better by design, SingleJoCoffee.com offers you a selection of brews from some of the best roasters from around the globe, all packaged in an eco-friendlier solution.  Our roasters bring you personalized one-cup blends in an easy-flow filter design, allowing you to enjoy more coffee aroma and richer flavour every time you brew!

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SingleJoCoffee.com - Home of The Coffee Drinker's Dozen.

The best part of shopping with SingleJoCoffee.com is how you get to try new brews in every order.  For every package of 12 you buy we'll give a single serve coffee blend to sample.  It is a way you can satisfy your adventurous spirit by sampling new flavours and blends without having to commit to a slew of single cup experiences that your taste-buds may determine you will never brew again!