Namaste – Welcome Guru to the aromas of your universe. You’ll immediately see the wisdom here that you prefer to be in service helping others bridge the gap between dark and light. Regardless of your to-do list, achieving enlightenment will most certainly be at the top!  At the very least you will end up being a messenger and propelling the Activist into their next courageous campaign. You may be cleansing this week but it still does not mean that the pungent coffee aroma your roommate is brewing is not waking you up like a smoldering incense every morning.

Your Recommended Roast and Flavour

Complete your higher self and make sure you are stocked up for the next week with a light woody tasting roast. You like to keep things simple and a Light Roast will do that well. The earthy smells with spicy and ashy tones help ensure that you stay grounded down to the last gulp.