You are a SingleJo Trail-Blazer! You're like Indiana Jones on a tenacious pursuit for the next adventure that will awaken your senses. You don’t ask the question ‘why’ but rather ‘why not?’ But don’t be fooled Trail-Blazer, you are not reckless in your decisions, instead you recognize there will be challenges and you are willing to face them head on. Always starting with the end in mind – as the trailblazer you know what you want in a coffee to help you laugh in the face of danger!

A Dark or Medium Roast with more complex tastes – that you could pair with your chocolate covered, nutty trail mix – will suit your style just fine. Even better if it finishes with a hint of smokey and earthy tones to keep your feet planted firmly on the grown and moving forward.


You are a Heart-Breaker and it is going to get messy from here on out! How could it not. You are ruled by emotions that envelope your senses, transcend time, make you vulnerable yet your integrity draws others in close. As a Heart-Breaker you are ruled by a ‘love has no bounds’ type of philosophy which leaves others in a wake of opportunity to be strengthened by your imprint of passion and devotion to ideas that elevate the human experience. Your coffee is just as intense and sweet as you.

 You’ll want a Dark or Medium Roast with complex tastes that will match the depth of your pallete. However your brew won’t leave you bitter as it has an aroma of candy-like browning. Your coffee is the perfect dessert to the morning after.

THE GURU – Light Roast

Namaste – Welcome Guru to the aromas of your universe. You’ll immediately see the wisdom here that you prefer to be in service helping others bridge the gap between dark and light. Regardless of your to-do list, achieving enlightenment will most certainly be at the top!  At the very least you will end up being a messenger and propelling the Activist into their next courageous campaign. You may be cleansing this week but it still does not mean that the pungent coffee aroma your roommate is brewing is not waking you up like a smoldering incense every morning.

Complete your higher self and make sure you are stocked up for the next week with a light woody tasting roast. You like to keep things simple and a Light Roast will do that well. The earthy smells with spicy and ashy tones help ensure that you stay grounded down to the last gulp.

THE PIONEER – Medium Roast

You are a Pioneer and described best by the great Amelia Earhart “What do dreams know of boundaries?” – While you're not about to fly off into the great blue yonder right this second, you do like to leave behind the familiar for a promise of something greater. New ideas and undiscovered countries excite you. Whether you are packing for an uncharted road trip or sketching out new ways of doing something that has yet to be seen you desire to be at the centre of enthuasitic innovation. You are driven as a pioneer and you are going to need a coffee that can wrap around your daily initiatives.

A Medium Roast will suit you well as a Pioneer. It is versatile, not too light and not too complex in taste. You’ll also like that it comes across as dry, giving you the mystical feel of smokey, warming aromas that will bring a sense of comfort and companionship to the long drive ahead.

THE ACTIVIST – Medium Roast

Congratulations you are about to save the world as you are an Activist! You should be proud to wear this title as you work and play well with Mavericks and Rebels. Your role, should you choose to accept it, is to champion a cause, get people to wake-up, do some good and radically transform the public order. A tall order? Not for you, as you ‘got the right stuff’ and soon you’ll have the right brew to match your persuasive, out-going and tireless personality.

You’ll prefer to pour a cup of Medium to Light Roast with less complex tastes that allow the background aromas and flavours to pull you through any challenge. Flavours such as sweet berries and fruity citrus will give you that tarty after-glow that will not all too soon be forgotten! 

THE MAVERICK – Medium Roast

Hola Maverick – there is something ruggedly exciting about the thought of a lone law-maker rolling into town. That is you, an independent thinker who rejects labels or other ideas that might cramp your style. Always kind, you believe it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission while living by your own code of what is just. You may spend much of your time as a lone-wolf, preferring to live in legend rather than current society. Regardless, your smart, creative and unconventional ethos needs a good cup of Jo.

You’ll want a Medium Roast – not too complex, not too simple –  the perfect Malt-like aroma. You’ll want a sweet victory, an aftertaste that lingers with a sugary type resolution to know that everything is now right with the world.


We see you as a Visionary. We are almost positive you saw that coming though. Characterized as having great insight and the ability to illuminate perspectives, you are wonderful BFF’s to The Guru and Pioneer. While people may not always ask you for your opinion you can’t help but spot what is obvious given the choices that may have been made in the past. Basically, you know the way and it turns out a fairly happy ending 9 times out of 10. Seeing how awesome the future looks for people takes some energy, so nothing but the perfect cup of Jo for you, to start your day off right!

Try a Light Roast that keeps the taste factor simple and makes sure that you are able to indulge in the aroma. You’ll enjoy the syrupy like after-taste that brings back child-hood memories of maple fudge and hot caramel sundaes! Mmmm.

THE POET – Light Roast

How do I love thee – let you the Poet count thy ways. As the Poet you have a flair for the dramatic. You have a unique ability to captivate the hearts, minds and souls of your poetic fans. Often living in a metaphor, it does not stop you from playing a charismatic role in completing everything from your laundry to paying your taxes. You have the talent to unleash powerful emotions while telling stories about our shared human experience. Without a doubt, coffee is your jet fuel and you need something that is ‘up-lifting’.

Try a Light Roast that escapes complexity and fills you with a fragrant type aroma, leaving you with a hint of subtle sweetness.

THE REBEL – Dark Roast

So, You Are a Rebel! Now before you go off on a rant claiming, “You Can’t Label Me” - let’s take a moment to talk about how courageous you are as a rule breaker. Offering up a new direction for a more free and collaborative way of doing things. You are fantastic at awakening the hero in all of us by pushing back and giving us a voice we may or may not have known we had. Definitely ready to take a stand for new perspectives, you need to start your day with a drink of brew that can keep up with your passion for progressive and provocative thought!

You’ll want a strong Dark Roast with more complex tastes that you match to your chocolate covered raspberries. Even better if it finished with an unforgettable hint of sharp citrus or enzymatic-like tartness.