You are a Pioneer and described best by the great Amelia Earhart “What do dreams know of boundaries?” – While you're not about to fly off into the great blue yonder right this second, you do like to leave behind the familiar for a promise of something greater. New ideas and undiscovered countries excite you. Whether you are packing for an uncharted road trip or sketching out new ways of doing something that has yet to be seen you desire to be at the centre of enthusiastic innovation. You are driven as a pioneer and you are going to need a coffee that can wrap around your daily initiatives.

Your Recommended Roast and Flavour

A Medium Roast will suit you well as a Pioneer. It is versatile, not too light and not too complex in taste. You’ll also like that it comes across as dry, giving you the mystical feel of smokey, warming aromas that will bring a sense of comfort and companionship to the long drive ahead.