Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee and imagination as we launch our first ever Twitter Novel with the re-telling a classic John Wyndham sci-fi story by contemporary Canadian author Linda Laforge.

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"The night of the meteor shower that wasn’t, a perfectly smooth metallic orb fell out of the sky. Still hot from its journey through the vastness of space, it hit a quaint

farm house, setting it on fire. Using the basis of a whimsical tale by John Wyndam, author Linda Laforge offers her more modern take on just one of the possibilities the universe could place on our doorstep."


Linda at fanexpo torontoAuthor Linda Laforge’s crazy family and her mystical dreams of them are as intrinsic to her life as they are to her writing.


Linda was born in Zwaibrucken Germany, not far from the Canadian Air Forces Base where her family was living. While her mother was busy chasing her older brother, a five year old hyper active boy named David, Linda was crawling on the floor with her oldest brother, Christopher. Chris had Cerebral Palsy. Her earliest memories are of them giggling and of watching him take hours to get under the Telefunken stereo so he could feel the bass. (It’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass.) Dave would run around until stopped by walls and sharp objects while her parents were talking. “They were always talking,” she says of her parents.

Growing up in a highly active, colourful home with a disabled child formed strong opinions and a deep desire to make a difference in the world. What her brothers could not do, she would do or she would at least try.

The first funeral she went to was her brother Chris’s. David’s was a year after that. Her father died of a bizarre lung disease in his sixties after struggling with early onset Parkinson’s. When her mom suddenly died of a heart attack, Linda was the last living person in her immediate family.

old family photo“I’ve been having dreams of them since they left me,” the author says. “I’ve always felt I was getting messages from somewhere greater than me. Now I get them from my family from time to time.” Some of those dreams, wherein her parents weren’t talking, caused her to question the existence of God, believing her dreams were born of nothing more than wishful thinking. She wrote her dystopian novel “Ashes” to work through this angst.

Many of her short stories and novels in progress portray characters who struggle with loss and who experience some form of connection to other worldly characters. Her settings are often dark and mysterious. Her humour smart and pointed. Her themes meaningful and spiritual. She aims to provoke and leave her audience intrigued. “I like books and movies that make me rethink the ordinary and remain somehow in that world long after I’ve put the book down. I hope I can do the same, except with my own crazy twist and with a sense of humour.”

“Ashes”, her debut novel is about a girl who faces the world alone, if not for her friends, and some very strange characters. You should buy it! It’s got some great reviews!

Look for a paranormal romance, still being written.

To read more about Linda Laforge and her latest work "Ashes" visit her website here