Top 5 things to do with Coffee Grounds


1. Garden helper

Used coffee beans are a great soil fixer and additive. They are especially beneficial to berry bushes like blackberries and blueberries. Carrots seem to like them too!

2. Beauty Aid

If you are into making your own soaps, lotions, bath bombs, scrubs, masks and balms, consider coffee. It's an antioxidant and a great exfoliator. Mixed with an oil, like olive or an omega-3 oil and it can be used as an anti-cellulite rub. You can use it in a mask or add to bath bombs!

3. Combat Odors

Whether it's garlic or meat smells on your hands or a smelly kitchen drain, rubbing some coffee around will soak up the odor and leave the pleasant smell of coffee behind.

4.Critter Repellent

Lots of animals and insects don't particularly like the smell and feel of coffee and thus \coffee becomes a nice non-toxic way to get rid of potential pests. Ants, for example will move if you sprinkle coffee on their hill. Cats will find other places to relieve themselves other than your plants and flower beds if they sense you've put coffee down.

5. Cleaning agent

Its mild abrasive qualities make it a good cleaner. I tend to put some grounds (or wash my espresso accoutrements ) when I'm needing to clean something greasy. Some extra grounds in the water help cut the grease.