We see you as a Visionary. We are almost positive you saw that coming though. Characterized as having great insight and the ability to illuminate perspectives, you are wonderful BFF’s to The Guru and Pioneer. While people may not always ask you for your opinion you can’t help but spot what is obvious given the choices that may have been made in the past. Basically, you know the way and it turns out a fairly happy ending 9 times out of 10. Seeing how awesome the future looks for people takes some energy, so nothing but the perfect cup of Jo for you, to start your day off right!

Your Recommended Roast and Flavour

Try a Light Roast that keeps the taste factor simple and makes sure that you are able to indulge in the aroma. You’ll enjoy the syrupy like after-taste that brings back child-hood memories of maple fudge and hot caramel sundaes! Mmmm.