Hello, we'd like to introduce ourselves as SingleJoCoffee.com and here are the Top 5 Reasons you should consider buying your SINGLE SERVE COMPATIBLE COFFEE from us! (instead of those 'Other Guys’)


1. Real “Filter-Brewed”, Without The Plastic Cup

SingleJo is committed to more eco-friendly options intheir single serve coffee and tea brands. Our Soft Pod,is the design of choice here at SingleJo, was designed to help reduce materials. In addition Club Coffee announced a 100% Compostable Pod for 2015



Our Soft Pod has brought the concept of “waking up to smelling the coffee” to single serve with our mesh design that let's the pre-brew aroma out!


3. Free Coffee Every Order!

Quite simply, we give you FREE Coffee every order! For every 12 pods you buy we'll send you a 13th FREE! - Trust us it can add up on big orders!


4. The more you buy the more you save!

(FREE Shipping on Orders Over $65 in Canada & $85 in USA)


Buy 12 + 1 Free = 0.57¢/pod

Buy 48 + 4 Free = 0.55¢/pod

Buy 72 + 10 Free = 0.52¢/pod


5. The Coolest Coffee Profile Ever!

You can visit our coffeeprofile.singlejocoffee.com and discover your inner Coffee Taste and find out if you area Guru, Poet, Maverick, Heartbreaker, Pioneer, Rebel or...